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Property Management Made Easy
Bradley N Meyer- Property Management Made Easy

What You Should Know About Me

In my 40 years in real estate, I've been involved with over 2,000 real estate transactions for buyers and sellers. Managed over $500,000,000.00 in investment property. Authored several books on buying and selling homes and managing rental properties.

         I am the founder and creator of Cash Cow Systems. Providing educational services and systems for rental property owner’s, real estate agents, brokers and investment funds on how to successfully acquire, rehab and manage single family investment properties, mobile home parks, apartment complexes and commercial properties.

         I obtained my real estate license in the '90s while running project-based HUD properties. I received certification from Quadell Consulting, a company approved by HUD to train property managers to run HUD approved and financed project in the US and all US territories.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to help you. Respectfully

Bradley N. Meyer -

Author - Real Estate Investor- Expert Advisor

No Problem We Can't Solve ,

  • Together we will find the best solutions for your problems.

    In my 40 years in property and asset management. I have worked with private owners, real estate investors, Realtors, Real Estate Brokers and Investment Groups. This work experience gives me a unique prospective and expeience to draw from in helping you resolve your problems.

  • My mission is to assist individuals to enjoy their renatl property ownership.

    My entire career is based on helping solve problems. In fact, for many years, I was the "GO TO Guy" when investment and fee-based management companies had problems they hired me to fix the problems. Sometimes I had to manage and do the rehab - repairs to the property.

     Funny story, I took over management of three multi-family properties that were section 8 HUD properties in serious trouble with HUD. These properties had no money for maintenance , marketing and evictions. This is one of the times I made Top Performer in a national property management company. While doing the management I learned how to wash drapes. Yes, drapes because we had drapes and no money to upgrade to blinds. I wash them in cold water gentle cycle and hand pleated them. Needless to say, the bosses were extremely impressed with my creative solutions to problems.

    I promise you I will bring these skills and the systems I developed to help solve every problem you have. I cannot promise you will like my solutions, but I believe they will work to get you out of your current situation with the best results as I can get for you and your situation.

    In Business It's Who You Know and What They Know.

    If you keep doing the same things, I promise you will keep have the same problems. So, ask yourself "am I ready to get the help I desire and need ordo I want to keep suffering what he same issues? We can book a call and discuss your options. I do charge for my time and experience just like your Doctor and Mechanic charge for their time and knowledge. The difference is I give you the option of how much time you want to take discussing your problem and the solutions.

    Property Management Maed Easy

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